We are a family company dedicated to Active and Cultural Tourism.

Finding the most convenient and appropriate way to enjoy the trip to the fullest is what moves us.

We are intermediaries so that the adventure is lived as true travelers. To immerse ourselves in the culture and landscape of the place we visit.

Over the years, our clients have chosen to discover and visit different places in the world with us.

We share unforgettable moments and a lot of our fellow travellers choose us again and recommend us to their friends and relatives.

That is one of our greatest joys.

We thank our clients, fellow travelers who trust us.

The longest of trips begins with the first step. Adelante!

Know us

Francisco xifra

Degree in advertising

Coordinator of Patagonia Andina Spanish School

Sea Kayak certified guide

Surf instructor

Golf instructor

Isabel Brunello

Didactic Director of the Bravo Italian school program

Professor of Italian language and literature UNC (National University of Córdoba)

Public translator of Italian language UNC



Coordinator of Patagonia Andina Spanish School

Community Manager

Sea Kayak guide

joaquín xifra

Degree in tourism

Official Travel agent

Sea Kayak guide

Surf instructor

juan carlos xifra


Administration and reservations

More than 30 years of experience working in receptive and emissive tourism in Argentina and the world.

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